Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Exactly Stamping....

Well I know this isn't exactly what you might be expecting, but I just had to share... My friend Jessica over on Live it. Love it. Craft it. and I have become quite the blog stalkers... I generally stalk stamping blogs and she stalks crafting blogs. When we find something cool we are sure to pass it on...

Jessica's brother and bride to be were coming into town for their engagement party. So, late one night Jess and I came up with the idea that WE would make the cake! Not just any cake, but a FONDANT cake.... You know, the fancy ones like you see on TLC. The best way to describe our adventure is with pictures so have a look...

We did some research and were told by many sources that the fondant that they sell at Michael's and Joann's was not good. It was dry and hard to work with. BUT we were also told that many bakery's buy their fondant... they don't make it themselves. So basically we had no luck... We did some more searching and found a recipe so we decided to do it ourselves (and it was a lot cheaper).

Powdered Sugar

Here Jessica had to lube up her hands so that the marshmallow wouldn't stick... Lesson learned though because she needed more Crisco.

And let the fun begin....

OK, so I'm not going to lie... There was a point in the middle of the fondant that we thought we had seriously messed up.... But nope! It just takes a LONG time to come together.

The next part was rolling it out.

Did I mention we made the cake AND put filling in it! Mmmmmm Raspberry!!!

Now I know what you are thinking.... We were thinking the same thing... Ummmm That's it???
We were smart about this and did a trial run before the real thing. This is cake #1. We learned from our mistakes and took note of everything that we needed to change.

Now the REAL THING!!!!

Lets just say we were extremely proud of ourselves! AND not only did it look awesome, but we did this in the extreme heat and had to deal with parts melting. Next time we do this we will be sure to wait until it is a little cooler out!

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