Saturday, August 21, 2010

Halloween Treats!

Now I know this is a little early, but before we know it Halloween will be here! I saw these CUTE holders on Pink Buckaroo Designs and had to make some of my own.

On the inside of each are antibacterial hand gels from Bath and Body works. They even had Halloween scented ones too!

Don't forget to RSVP for Bunco on September 18th! For $15 you can come enjoy a fun evening with lots of food, drinks, laughs and most importantly STAMPS!
Catch ya later!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Exactly Stamping....

Well I know this isn't exactly what you might be expecting, but I just had to share... My friend Jessica over on Live it. Love it. Craft it. and I have become quite the blog stalkers... I generally stalk stamping blogs and she stalks crafting blogs. When we find something cool we are sure to pass it on...

Jessica's brother and bride to be were coming into town for their engagement party. So, late one night Jess and I came up with the idea that WE would make the cake! Not just any cake, but a FONDANT cake.... You know, the fancy ones like you see on TLC. The best way to describe our adventure is with pictures so have a look...

We did some research and were told by many sources that the fondant that they sell at Michael's and Joann's was not good. It was dry and hard to work with. BUT we were also told that many bakery's buy their fondant... they don't make it themselves. So basically we had no luck... We did some more searching and found a recipe so we decided to do it ourselves (and it was a lot cheaper).

Powdered Sugar

Here Jessica had to lube up her hands so that the marshmallow wouldn't stick... Lesson learned though because she needed more Crisco.

And let the fun begin....

OK, so I'm not going to lie... There was a point in the middle of the fondant that we thought we had seriously messed up.... But nope! It just takes a LONG time to come together.

The next part was rolling it out.

Did I mention we made the cake AND put filling in it! Mmmmmm Raspberry!!!

Now I know what you are thinking.... We were thinking the same thing... Ummmm That's it???
We were smart about this and did a trial run before the real thing. This is cake #1. We learned from our mistakes and took note of everything that we needed to change.

Now the REAL THING!!!!

Lets just say we were extremely proud of ourselves! AND not only did it look awesome, but we did this in the extreme heat and had to deal with parts melting. Next time we do this we will be sure to wait until it is a little cooler out!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Bunco Time!!!

Hola all!! Its time to get ready for some Stampin' Bunco!! Mark your calendars for September 18th, 2010 at 6pm at my house! For those that may have missed the last one, we had a BLAST! We were playing some hard core bunco and winning some awesome new stamp sets and prizes!

This time there will be MORE prizes! The cost is $15 for a night out with the girls! (I upped the cost because prizes are going to come from the Big catalog AND the NEW Holiday catalog - it comes out September 1st)

Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Please RSVP by September 11th so I know how many prizes to get! You can RSVP to me at

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gift Card Holder

How cute is this? I saw this on Erica's blog HERE. She has great directions and more pictures of what you can do with this. I took a few different shots of this cute project so you can see it from all angles. Inside are three mini envelopes. These envelopes are done a little backwards, so you can't open them, BUT there is an opening at the top of each one and you can put something in each one.

I can't get enough of this new stamp set Morning Cup. I have used it on so many things so far.

Here is a close up of the little tea pot on the inside. I used a blender pen to color in the orange.
I used some brads to add just a little touch to each envelope.
That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Cards for Summer!

Now I am home from cheer camp and in between trips. I am off to Montana on Thursday for a wedding and then a week or so later I am off to Chelan. But in the mean time, I am going to get in as much stamping as I can.

So... I have joined a "challenge" group for Stampin' up and need to meet certain check points every two weeks. One of my first tasks is to book a workshop. I know we are all busy taking our trips this summer (I know I am) but if you are interested in hosting a party and being the FIRST one to get their hands on some new stamps then let me know! You can email me at to see about my available dates. I would love to show you some of the new stamp sets!

Now, on to some of my new creations!

Aren't these stamps CUTE! They are a new set from the catalog called Morning Cup. I made this set of 3 X 3 cards and stamped a little teacup on the inside.

This next card is for the wedding I am going to on Thursday. I used the set Cheers to You for the front and although you cant tell with the picture, I used Crystal Effects for the champagne in the glasses and glitter for the top. On the inside I used a NEW set called Word Play. It also has glitter on the diamond. This set is so awesome! It has stamps with a bunch of different sayings.

This card was made from Fox and Friends. It was a set in a previous mini catalog and is now featured in the Big one. This ended up being a birthday card for my best friends little baby boy! He just turned one. I made the monkey in the corner with a few different types of punches.

This card is one of my FAVORITES! I used the NEW Jumbo Wheel Baby Tees. After I rolled it on, I used the blender pen to color in the outfits.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 Projects today!

Hello again! This whole not having to work thing has been soooo much fun! This week I have been starting to get ready for cheer camp. Each night of camp I like to give the girls a special treat. Here is what they will get for their first night. It is recommended that they bring something to write on to camp, so I made these CUTE little note pads with a pencil for them to take with them all week. I found the directions HERE. These were fairly easy to make, so I may add it to a class for the fall. Let me know if you would want me to add this project.

This is a CUTE basket I found on Patti Lee's blog! It is super cute and it actually wasn't too difficult to make. I think I am going to fill it with Kisses for my girls and give them out on the second night of camp. I say that they weren't too difficult now, but we'll see how I feel after making 14 of them!

Have a great day and Enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recipe Ring

Two days in a row! (and don't worry, I have one all ready for tomorrow too!)

I started this recipe ring a few nights ago and got distracted by the flowers I made yesterday. You may remember my attempt at a recipe box... It had WAY too many colors to it and looked awful... Well, I stared thinking about how I could make something a little more simple and a little bit more user friendly. I stamped the recipe cards on a piece of Very Vanilla (5 to a sheet) and then cut them out. I found that this was the easiest way. Trying to cut then stamp did not go so well. I used the new Early Espresso to stamp with and love how it turned out.
After I cut out the cards, I glued them on to pieces of Early Espresso and Cherry Cobbler. I love how the two colors go together so well.
I forgot to take a picture, but at the bottom of each card I used a Jumbo Pewter Eyelit for the ring to go through.
There isn't really an Appetizer stamp, so this was mostly a ring of Misc. Recipes.

After they were all finished, I put them together with a binder ring and added a ribbon. I made a few blank ones so I can add to my ring if I need to.
If I could do it again (which I probably will) I would only make a few minor adjustments.
Since it is hard to cram a whole recipe onto those little cards, I made this ring for all of my small dishes that I always forget to write down an have to keep looking up on the Internet. Hopefully this will save me a little more time when I cook.
Some of the cards have two sides to them if the recipe was a little longer.
Thanks for checking me out!
Have a great day and Enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Flowers

Hello All! Well I am back from my vacation and have been crafting up a storm. I am trying to keep busy so I can keep my mind off of my NEW STAMPS that are on their way out of the NEW CATALOG!!! So excited! If you need a copy of the new catalog, email me and I will get one to you. They are $5 and filled with so many new stamps!

Here is today's project! I made Synthetic Flowers this afternoon. (I made a fun project last night, but I was way too excited about this. If I have time later, I'll post what I did yesterday)

I started off cutting several layers using the Circles #2 Die cutter.

Then I layered all of the circles on top of one another and used a paper piercer to put a hole in the middle. I then used a brad to hold them together.

I used tweezers to hold the back o the brad and then applied heat with my heat embossing tool. - Make sure to keep the heat moving or you will burn your flower.... I say this because I burned my first one.
When I was done I just took a needle and thread and sewed them on to these hair clips. I thought the fabric was the same for the both flowers, but the plack one poofed up and the pink one stayed flat.... Oh well. They were still cute :-)

Thanks for cheking me out!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where have I been...

WOW! The last two months or so have been SO super busy! I have been working on these 6 scrapbooks since January and I barely finished. Every year I make a scrapbook for my Senior Cheerleaders and every year they get better and better! These scrapbooks took so much time but to see all of my girls loving them was the best! Here is just a glimpse of what I made.

All of the books are 8 x 8 inches.

These are the covers to my books. I used my fabulous Silhouette to cut all of the names for the Front.

Here is just a quick glimpse of what the pages look like. The books were about 20-30 pages, depending on how long each girl had been on my team.

So, as you can see I haven't had much free time to do any stamping... :-(

But I did manage to get these done today. I am heading out on vacation tonight (not till 10pm) and thought I'd kill some time by making a few cards.

This first one is a birthday card using the set Party Hearty (#111532) and will still be available in the NEW CATALOG!
Speaking of the new catalog.... Check out this cute new hostess set! This level 2 hostess set is called Cute By The Inch and comes with 8 stamps. These are just 3 of them. But aren't they so cute?? I made these TINY little tags to go on.... well anything. You can't tell in these pictures, but the red color used is the NEW Cherry Cobbler and I LOVE IT! Also, you may think that is Chocolate chip I used, but it is the new Early Espresso! It is so deep and rich! I just can't get enough of it.

If you would like order a new catalog from me, just let me know. You can post it on my blog or email me at . The catalogs are $5 and should be here soon. I will be on Vacation until July 3rd, so I will be sure to get you yours as soon as I get into town.

I can't wait to get a jump start on the Fall and holiday season, so be on the look out for some new card classes and projects. If you would like to have a stamp party, just let me know. OR if you would like to liven things up and try out Stampin' Bunco I can do that too!

Don't forget that the Last Chance List ends on June 30th! If there is anything you can't live with out make sure to get your order in!