Monday, February 15, 2010

I can't Believe I did it!!

Ok- So I have been seeing these bags on all the blogs I stalk... THEN I found a blog with a video tutorial on it... So I watched it and thought that I would give it a try. To my amazement, it turned out AWESOME! I think it is so cool! And not just because I made it myself! My picture does not even do it justice. Not only was it easy, but I actually finished it! I have a lot of junk in the closet that is half done... Rick hates all the fabric in random bags... But this time I have something to show for it! And to be honest, the hardest part was picking out the fabric! Anyway, I LOVE it! I may make some more :-)


  1. Super Cute! What fabric did you pick for the inside! I love the combination!

  2. Love the recipe box! Can't wait to make one! I think folks could customize it to their kitchen colors. A gift I'm thinking of would be olive, black, white and red.