Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 Projects today!

Hello again! This whole not having to work thing has been soooo much fun! This week I have been starting to get ready for cheer camp. Each night of camp I like to give the girls a special treat. Here is what they will get for their first night. It is recommended that they bring something to write on to camp, so I made these CUTE little note pads with a pencil for them to take with them all week. I found the directions HERE. These were fairly easy to make, so I may add it to a class for the fall. Let me know if you would want me to add this project.

This is a CUTE basket I found on Patti Lee's blog! It is super cute and it actually wasn't too difficult to make. I think I am going to fill it with Kisses for my girls and give them out on the second night of camp. I say that they weren't too difficult now, but we'll see how I feel after making 14 of them!

Have a great day and Enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. Oh cute!!!!! Is this what you are working on tomorrow night??? 14 of each!!! You have your hands full!