Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recipe Ring

Two days in a row! (and don't worry, I have one all ready for tomorrow too!)

I started this recipe ring a few nights ago and got distracted by the flowers I made yesterday. You may remember my attempt at a recipe box... It had WAY too many colors to it and looked awful... Well, I stared thinking about how I could make something a little more simple and a little bit more user friendly. I stamped the recipe cards on a piece of Very Vanilla (5 to a sheet) and then cut them out. I found that this was the easiest way. Trying to cut then stamp did not go so well. I used the new Early Espresso to stamp with and love how it turned out.
After I cut out the cards, I glued them on to pieces of Early Espresso and Cherry Cobbler. I love how the two colors go together so well.
I forgot to take a picture, but at the bottom of each card I used a Jumbo Pewter Eyelit for the ring to go through.
There isn't really an Appetizer stamp, so this was mostly a ring of Misc. Recipes.

After they were all finished, I put them together with a binder ring and added a ribbon. I made a few blank ones so I can add to my ring if I need to.
If I could do it again (which I probably will) I would only make a few minor adjustments.
Since it is hard to cram a whole recipe onto those little cards, I made this ring for all of my small dishes that I always forget to write down an have to keep looking up on the Internet. Hopefully this will save me a little more time when I cook.
Some of the cards have two sides to them if the recipe was a little longer.
Thanks for checking me out!
Have a great day and Enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. I kind of like you not being in school, I get to see all your cool project updates. Can't wait for Friday!