Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Flowers

Hello All! Well I am back from my vacation and have been crafting up a storm. I am trying to keep busy so I can keep my mind off of my NEW STAMPS that are on their way out of the NEW CATALOG!!! So excited! If you need a copy of the new catalog, email me and I will get one to you. They are $5 and filled with so many new stamps!

Here is today's project! I made Synthetic Flowers this afternoon. (I made a fun project last night, but I was way too excited about this. If I have time later, I'll post what I did yesterday)

I started off cutting several layers using the Circles #2 Die cutter.

Then I layered all of the circles on top of one another and used a paper piercer to put a hole in the middle. I then used a brad to hold them together.

I used tweezers to hold the back o the brad and then applied heat with my heat embossing tool. - Make sure to keep the heat moving or you will burn your flower.... I say this because I burned my first one.
When I was done I just took a needle and thread and sewed them on to these hair clips. I thought the fabric was the same for the both flowers, but the plack one poofed up and the pink one stayed flat.... Oh well. They were still cute :-)

Thanks for cheking me out!
Have a great day!

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